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MEDICAL CONSULTANTS s.r.o. - specialista na marketing ve zdravotnictví
MEDICAL CONSULTANTS s.r.o. - specialista na marketing ve zdravotnictví
MEDICAL CONSULTANTS s.r.o. - specialista na marketing ve zdravotnictví
MEDICAL CONSULTANTS s.r.o. - specialista na marketing ve zdravotnictví

For pharmacies

The MEDICAL CONSULTANTS s.r.o. company offers a complex service in the marketing and management area to all takers from among the pharmacy operators. We are engaged in buying and selling pharmacies in the Czech Republic. We provide this service on a professional level to both individuals and corporations.

Areas of our offers

• Analytical activity
• Marketing
• Management system
• Evaluation of pharmacies

Who are our services intended for?

For all pharmacy operators, interested in improving their activities and results of their pharmacy. Marketing in healthcare is no longer a synonym of something "non lege artis". On the contrary, it is especially a desired tool used to improve the quality of your services.

Main benefits of our services

• Improving the quality of services provided by the pharmacy
• Increasing the financial efficiency of the pharmacy
• Minimizing the risks associated with the pharmacy operation
• Increasing the competitiveness of the pharmacy

The structure of our offer for pharmacies

PHARMA GUARD – complex audit of the pharmacy operation
We offer this service to all pharmacy owners as an independent service or as a part of a marketing product package. An analysis should always be the first step of every pharmacy owner prior starting his activity or within a regular evaluation of his activity.

Areas of the analysis:

• Legislative requirements of a connection with the pharmacy operation
• Management system
• Merchandising
• Category management
• Price making
• Structure of the stocks
• Human resources
• Selling skills


To all pharmacy operators, we offer our complex services in the area of pharmacy care marketing.

Our professionals are able to handle just the selected areas of the marketing for you, or they can offer to develop the entire marketing strategy. We are using our longtime experiences with managing our own pharmacies and with providing these activities for clients from the Czech Republic or from abroad.

Marketing is nowadays understood more like a tool of representatives of pharmaceutical companies, who reach their sales bonuses by favoring their product.

This activity usually leads to:

• Unnecessary and ineffective increase of the stock value
• Increasing the risk of expiration of the products on stock
• Contra-productive influence on sales of other products
• Blocking the sales points on tara by targeted advertisement (fliers, stands, etc.)

The marketing strategy itself should be an integral part of every pharmacy management system.

Our offer

• Optimization of the oficina from the ergonomic point of view
• Implementation of targeted merchandising and category management
• Optimization of inventory setting
• Creation of the sales and market strategy
• Stetting the rules of reporting between the pharmacy and the owners
• Sales support, including client programs

The result of the Marketing for Pharmacies product package implementation will rest mainly in:

• Increasing the financial efficiency of the pharmacy
• Optimization and reducing of the stock value
• Highlighting the pharmacy
• New services for clients
• Competitiveness increase


The MEDICALCONSULTANTS s.r.o. company offers services in the area of your pharmacy management.

There are over 2700 pharmacies in the Czech Republic, out of which approximately one quarter is merged under a pharmacy chain or virtual chains. These companies are usually managed by professional managements.

The rest of the pharmacies are usually operated by a private owner – a pharmacist, who is a professional in the pharmacy field, but who is not a qualified manager

Our company provides a possibility to eliminate this competitive disadvantage.

Our company offers its services to you in the form of:

A. One time services – we will develop a management system for you, and we will implement it
B. Continuous services – we will keep providing you with a permanent advice services and remote support


To all pharmacy owners and operators, we offer, per request, the "EVALUATION for PHARMACIES" service. Based upon an economical and operational analysis of your pharmacy store, we will tell you our estimation of its market price.

Within the EU, we cooperate with a number of important investors, who often ask us to provide acquisitions in the pharmacy field. If you are interested in knowing the market price of your pharmacy, or if you have already been thinking about selling it, do not hesitate to contact us. With us, you have a chance to realize such transaction professionally and conveniently.

More information can be obtained on our website:, which is designated for communication with the potential buyers and sellers of pharmacies.

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